Signs Of Spring At The Manor

2014 Signs of Springtime at The Adams Family Manor.  Thanks to my favorite online photo editing program (PicMonkey), I find myself monkeying around editing flower pictures.  I must have a bit of Spring Fever.  It is a gorgeous day in Northern California @ 72 degrees.  Enjoy!

Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath.  I am so thrilled to have such a gorgeous specimen growing in the  corner of the front yard.  My original idea was to transplant it into a container so that I could control its growth.  It grows from shoots at the bottom.  After reading more about the plant care, I found out that I can cut it down to the ground in the fall and then dig up the unwanted shoots.  I don’t think that is too much trouble to keep this beautiful flowing plant.  As a crafter, the uses for decorating with Baby’s Breath are endless.

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 The Yellow Wood Sorrel  Or “Yellow Shamrock” flower is not really part of the plants in the Terracotta planter.  It is growing in the ground next to the pot of miscellaneous plants such as the succulent and the Cyclamen.
Magnolia Campbelli (Pink Tulip Tree)
Christmas Cactus Even though it is acting like an Easter Cactus, I think the flowers are more like the plants that should bloom in November & December.
In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. I leave you with a little LUCK of the Irish!

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5 Comments on “Signs Of Spring At The Manor

  1. Beautiful pictures! I am shamrock green with envy since I am in a world of white still. I see you are from Redding California. My family is from the Hoopa Valley between Yreka, and Eureka. Always great to see someone from the west Coast.

    1. Thank you Rheema, From you blog post I see that it is a cold wintery day in Michigan. I am a little familiar with Hoopa Valley. I am a native of Redding. My parents grew up in the Burney, Fall River Area and my Dad lives in McCloud. It’s always amazes me how small the world really is sometimes. Stay warm and Happy Quilting!

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