It’s offical, the new facebook page has been launched

Create~Craft~Chère welcomes ALL craft hobbiest & do-it yourselfers, Guys & Dolls! 🙂 be inspired & most of all…. Chère!
Inspirations is everywhere, even when & where you least expect it.  I find myself to be the Go-To-Gal for advice when it comes to working on a project. It happens where ever I go. I can’t tell you how many time I am in our local fabric or craft store and I am asked, “What Would You Do?”… I thought this would be a great way to “Chère” (a play on words) our successes, as well as our failures and everything in between. I find that I am using the internet as a great informational resource on “How-tos”, or “DIYs” when I am stuck on a project or idea. However, I also find myself spending a lot of time researching the project instead of finishing it. I decided that this facebook page was a great way to exchange “craft recipes”. I can’t wait to learn what Tips & Tricks you all have up your sleeves!
The one thing I ask is that you do not list your items to sell on this page. The intent for the facebook page is to be creative and CHèRe! 

adjective French.
dear; beloved: used in referring to or addressing a woman or girl.
(using this term loosely to refer to the love of craftsmanship)

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