Dear Diary: Today I Made A Video

Today started off slow.  I have a good old fashion head cold.  I was hoping this morning would be different than most.  Maybe I could sleep a little longer, snuggle down into the warm fleece sheets.  Praying that Momma Kitty would not paw at my head, slobber on me, brush her whiskers against my cheeks or purr obnoxiously in my ear in hopes that she could get me to bounce out of bed and feed her.  It’s 7:15 AM, I’m starting to stir.  As I stretch my legs I realize that Momma Kitty is not on my bed, there are no purring sounds and she is not laying directly on my chest.  This is a good start I mumble to myself.  I’m thinking how nice it would be if someone would bring me a delicious cup of coffee.  Knowing that it is Tuesday and no one is in the house but me, I snuggle down and close my eyes.  7:34 AM my cell rings.  As I reach for the phone I see the icon appear on the screen.  I smile and say, “Good Morning Punkinhead!”Crashley  It’s my daughter, Ashley on her way to college.  Excited and with a bit of a tired tone she begins to tell me about her morning before heading to class.  We wish each other a good day and off we go.  I start to make mental notes about what I should do for the day.

  1. I really need to clean because dad will be here on Thursday.
  2. The craft tables need to be cleared and supplies put away before I start on my next project.
  3. I hope the veil lace that I ordered online comes today.  [TOP SECRET project until May 2015 ;-)]
  4. I know there is more but I’m done for now.

It’s close to noon and I am working at the computer.  Checking emails, post stats and let’s be honest reading Facebook.  I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, looked out the garden window and see Lucy:  The Cat Formerly Known as Kahlúa perched on a wood pallet napping.  At this point everything I planned to do today went out the door.  It was like I had seen “A Sparkly”!  You know, those shinning objects that make us forget everything. Well there it was my distraction for the day.  I grabbed my little Cannon PowerShot SX510 HS only intending to take a couple of quick pics.  As I am stalking the sleepy ball of fur from the couch with the lens peeking through the living room blinds I decided to play with the video settings.  Several hours later I have my first Dear Diary series post and my first YouTube video.

A very productive day indeed!  Tomorrow I will clean something 😉

My best to you,


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